Game Art- Environment Concepts - Fantasy

Visual development - Wood Elf architectural style.        -  Scroll down for more -

Tree based construction, light and streamlined shapes and materials
Support details
Doorways, windows, and roofs are key in establishing an architectural theme. 

Iksar Environments

Jungle, earthy, and ritualistic = stone, wood, skins, and lots of skulls

Column designs are another must in establishing a cultures visual language.

Comps for Atmosphere. Terrain and Texture color palettes.

Qeynos color thumbs for daytime/cloudy to sunny weather conditions.

Color guide for a painterly texture style.

Texture palette for snowy lands of Everfrost
Everquest Terrain Thumbnails
Everquest - Top Iksar Interiors, Bottom Rathe Council Interiors

Gauntlet Level Design 

Ghost Town Level Layout

Wall details for an early prototype build

 Paintover of basic designer whitebox for a sea cave level.

More level guides with two of the rooms detailed out.

Elf Caverns