Game Art - H1Z1

The last released title I did concept art for was H1Z1. This project was done old school. Small group of guys/gals taking on big chunks of tasks. So I just did two rough concepts for the original map, now referred to as Z1.

The first image here is just a basic layout of the main town and outlying POIs. I didn't draw the buildings in because I didn't want the modelers to be stuck on specific building designs. Since we were a small group with a tight deadline, I felt that we'd be more quicker and proficient if the modelers were free to model without restriction.

This image is the level layout of Z1.  At this point in time all we had was a main street with a few buildings. So I said crap, we need some sort of map, so I got together with Lenny, the level designer, and came up with this basic map.

And that's it.  The only two pre-production concepts done for Z1.