Film - No Break for the Broken - Creatures, Costumes, Concepts

Now that we're close to wrapping up this short film, I have a little bit of free time to share some pre and post production break downs. 

"No Break for the Broken" is an abstract journey into the mind of Nancy, a woman who struggles to forget about the death of her husband. Her grief manifests itself in the form of fragmented memories and haunting apparitions


Nancy is beset by a troupe of haunting characters. A Jester and his three dancers. They appear though out the film in three distinct forms; as haunting apparitions, as porcelain figurines atop a music box, and as friendly human actors in stage makeup.

Dancers, haunting form- I went with a textural bell shaped tutu with a dark corset that would work well with the hair and makeup.

During the climactic dance routine the dancers crack apart and wip blood all over the place. Unfortunately we ran out of time during the dance shoot and had to skip it.

The Jester, haunting form - The Jester's key piece is his hat.  I wanted a twisted take on the jester hat. In the concept the hat is worn and twisted, no longer resembling the iconic jester cap, but something corrupted.
Costume shares design cues with the dancers


Eric Fox of Morbx FX Lab and costume designer Megan Luby  took on the task of bringing these concepts to life.

Eric Fox preparing actor Erik Dugan for the cast.

Hat sculp in progress

Eric taking my concepts to the next level, I love it!

On set, Eric adds the body makeup -photo by Holly Rone

Dancer Jessica Kelley posing in costume-photo by Holly Rone
Megan nailed the costumes. Her attention to detail was excellent, superb work.
Megan Luby making sure her costumes are properly fit - photo by Holly Rone
Scene where we first see the Jester.

To be cont'd... storyboards.


  1. Nice! I love seeing behind the scenes of your film. So much awesome work was done. Thanks for the rare glimpse, Roel!

  2. Just insane stuff Roel. I would expect nothing less from you! Cheers...


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