Game Art- Environment Concepts - Early EQNext

Pulling some early EQNext concepts out of the basement.  These were done quite a while ago.

Visual development - Wood Elf architectural style.

The process usually starts with black and gray thumbnails..

Here I explored cloth and wood thatching as the main materials and construction methods for this culture.

Tree based construction, light and streamlined shapes and materials
Support details
Doorways, windows, and roofs are key in establishing an architectural theme. 

After this step I'll do a color environment to see how well it works in a setting.

Iksar Environments

Jungle, earthy, and ritualistic = stone, wood, skins, and lots of skulls

Column designs are another must in establishing a cultures visual language.
Then a color layout to see if these designs actually work within context.

Comps for Atmosphere. Terrain and Texture color palettes.

The following studies were done to establish a guide for the human city of Qeynos. Color thumbs for daytime/cloudy to sunny weather conditions.

Around this time we were aiming for a stylized and painterly approach to textures.  The following are palette guides for different types of textures.  They are the colors to be used when painting a texture.

The following are color guides for the snowy lands of Everfrost